Who is AIR and What do We Do

AIR is a national not-for-profit, non-party political volunteer organisation, formed in 1990.

Office bearers at all levels are volunteers. Their efforts are supplemented by committees and Special Interest Groups (SIGs) made up of ordinary members of the company.


Members are Australian residents who intend to be or are fully or in part self-fund their retirement.

Our aim is to advance and protect the interests and independent lifestyle of Australians in or approaching retirement.

  • Seek equitable economic, taxation and social environment outcomes that recognise and address the specific issues faced by those who fully or partly self-fund their retirement by representing the views and concerns of our members to Government at all levels.
  • Conduct research, prepare submissions and advocate to all levels of Government on issues relevant to the living standards and lifestyle of fully or partially self-funded retirees.
  • Provide opportunities for members to meet and share views on a range of matters in a welcoming, inclusive social atmosphere at our Branch meetings.
  • Provide information, services, benefits and resources through a range of media and sponsorship.
  • Enter into mutually beneficial arrangements with organisations who share a similar vision to A.I.R.