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A.I.R Sponsorship Benefits Available and Costs

The A.I.R policy is that a sponsorship arrangement be mutually beneficial to both AI.R and to the sponsor. Some of these benefits offered below will be more attractive to some sponsors than others, due to the different marketing strategies and action plans of sponsors.

Some sponsors may achieve their best outcomes by focusing on visits to our branches and making personal presentations. Others may choose the A.I.R website option and direct on line marketing. These benefits and their costs are shown hereunder:

  • A banner type advertisement in A.I.R Active, our monthly newsletter that goes to all members some electronically and some by mail. $3000.
  • Facility for the sponsor to make a presentation at local branch meetings and to distribute promotional literature. $2500.
  • A sponsor’s advertisement in another page of A.I.R website [With interactive icon to directly link to the sponsor’s website] $ 2500
  • An advertisement in monthly newsletters of local branches [subject to local branch approval] $1000.
  • A sponsor’s advert/listing in the Members Benefits page of A.I.R website [with interactive icon to directly link to the sponsor’s website] $1000
  • Reciprocal website links $500 where mutually relevant
  • A promotional [sponsor presence at our Annual General Meetings $1000]
  • Facility to have direct contact with an A.I.R Board member $ 500
  • Approval to use the A.IR logo in the sponsor’s promotional material $500
  • Facility to make direct contact with the President or Secretary of each State Division $250

For further information on our sponsorship packages

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