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IT Management Group (ITMG)

This group was formed in mid-2014 to help A.I.R. develop a new modern website and to maintain a contemporary use of technology to allow members to be informed about issues affecting retirees and to allow them to interact more effectively with like minded members.   In August 2016 a new position of Website Maintenance was established.

The ITMG Team

IT Coordinator: Leif Pedersen (QLD) Foundation Member - Resigned 2016
IT Consultant/Webmaster: Ken Rowan (QLD)  Foundation Member  Paid Position
Secretariat: Sue Hart (ACT) Foundation Member  A.I.R. Executive Officer
Registrar:   Sue Shea (TAS)  Foundation Member
Website Maintenance Mary Bourke (NSW) Joined 12 August 2016

All team members contribute equally to discussions and make decisions about A.I.R. IT and website strategies, website maintenance, projects and ideas, for the benefit of all members. The team attends to problems and difficulties experienced by users regarding the website and the Members' Register, which is maintained by local officers known as Branch Membership Officers (BMOs).


A new modern website was developed and went live on 11 June 2015.

What We Do

  1. Continually upload documents and newsletters to the website to make them available to interested members.
  2. Maintain information and articles on the website to keep the information current.
  3. Continue to improve the website to be more user friendly with particular focus on layout and content.
  4. Assist members and BMOs as requested and develop educational material to make the IT experience more enjoyable.