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A.I.R. Policy & Advocacy Board Sub-Committee

The A.I.R. Policy & Advocacy Board Sub-Committee has formulated the following documents to guide its work which were endorsed by the Board at its recent meeting:
•  the statement of current A.I.R. Policy Positions;
•  the Terms of Reference for this Sub-Committee; and
•  the process for the submission and management of policy proposals as formulated by the Sub-Committee

Older People Speak Out People's Choice Award

Older People Speak Out is an all-volunteer group of retired and semi-retired professionals who advocated on behalf of all seniors. OPSO's People's Choice Awards, where members of the public can nominate stories that they think demonstrates positive ageing. They can win $1000 and they could also win $1000 by writing 50 words or less why they believe a particular media item is an excellent example of positive ageing.

Download the Flyer here or check out their website