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AIR Update Preview

A.I.R. Active is now AIR UPDATE. It is a publication produced monthly for distribution to Members.
It contains updates on issues and advocacy initiatives currently being undertaken by A.I.R. as well as services and benefits available to members. Join Here

Below are preview of topics.

AIR UPDATE Issue 120 February 2018

  • National President's Report
  • Meet & Greet National President in W.A.
  • Do you use our sponsors?
  • Shake-up for Bill Shock
  • Editorial

AIR Active Issue 119 December 2017

  • From the A.I.R. National President – Alan J Marshall
  • A Letter of Appreciation of the Secretariat
  • From the Secretariat
  • Inquiry into the Quality of Care in Residential Aged Care Facilities
  • New Era for Diversity in Aged Care
  • Treasury calls paper bills to account
  • Tree and Sea Change Hotspots for Retirees
  • Cancer Council hails landmark study in patient-centred care
  • Collette Travel's biggest sale of the year!

AIR Active Issue 118 November 2017

  • Report on the 2017 AGM including the outcomes of the motions put to the meeting
  • The A.I.R. National President – Mr Alan J Marshall
  • Article: To Downsize or Not
  • New Aged Care Workforce Taskforce to Focus on Safety and Quality
  • Older Persons Advocacy: Local Voices for Seniors in Need
  • New test for breast cancer as thousands to benefits from new Medicare listings
  • Making the right choices with Health Star Rating Sydney
  • Report on the A.I.R. Board Meeting held on 15 November 2017
  • Cancer Council hails landmark study in patient-centred care
  • Collette Travel's biggest sale of the year!

AIR ACTIVE October 2017

  • Shifting the Dial: Five Year Productivity Review
  • Quality Review Released: Aged Care Assessment Visits to be Unannounced
  • New Report Outlines Residential Aged Care Funding Reform Options
  • Major Reforms to Make Private Health Insurance Simpler and More Affordable
  • Announcement of Australia’s First National Rural Health Commissioner
  • $100m Fund to Fight Brain Cancer
  • New Provider to Bring Better Access to Hearing Services Across Australia
  • Super Switching Suggests Choice Hurts Consumers
  • A.I.R. Annual General Meeting
  • A.I.R. Board Meeting 5 October 2017

AIR ACTIVE September 2017

  • AIR Advocacy – 2018-19 Pre-Budget Submission and Manifesto for the next Federal Election
  • Government Considers Improvements to Aged Care Policy
  • 6,000 extra high need home care packages and $20m My Aged Care revamp
  • Extra Support for Older Australians at Home
  • A Comprehensive Package of Reforms to Address Illegal Phoenixing
  • Increase to Asset Test Part-Age Pension Qualifying Threshold
  • Increase to CSCH Income Test Thresholds
  • AIR 2017 AGM and Nominations for National President

AIR ACTIVE August 2017

  • Retraction of statements in AIR Active July 2017
  • Update A.I.R. Review Committee
  • Aged Care Review Timing Extended
  • GEN-erational Change as Aged Care Data Access is Made Easier for All
  • Major new measures to help combat rare cancers
  • Over-diagnosis shows value of patient questions
  • Taxation treatment of superannuation income streams
  • Retirees on modest budgets doing it tough
  • 410 Visa Advocacy Group Report to WA Division
  • 2017-18 A.I.R. Membership Subscriptions
  • 2017 A.I.R. Annual General Meeting
  • New Preferred Partner Agreement

AIR ACTIVE July 2017

The information in this issue includes:
  •   A report on the A.I.R. Board Meeting held on 2 August 2017
  •   A report from the A.I.R. Policy and Advocacy Committee on a number of Government inquiries and submissions
  •   An update from the A.I.R. IT Management Group about changes to the website and member Register
  •   Aged Care Means Test and the Family Home
  •   The Future of Aged Care – Discussion Paper
  •   Consumer Ministers to Consider Retirement Villages
  •  National Approach to Prescription Drug Misuse
  •    410 Visa Advocacy Group Report
  •    A.I.R. Preferred Partner Agreement with Collette Travel
  •    The Notice of Meeting for the 2017 A.I.R. AGM and Nomination Form for the position of National President.

AIR ACTIVE June 2017

  • The A.I.R. Review Committee
  • Recent survey on retirement products yields some unexpected results
  • A.I.R. attends Future of Aged Care Forum in Canberra
  • Ministerial Statement on Retirement Homes Regulation
  • Find out about your aged care options before you need them
  • Call for Submissions to Review of National Aged Care Quality Regulatory Processes
  • A Better MBS for all Australians
  • More help with medications through community pharmacy
  • How much super do you need to have a pet?
  • Congratulations to Sue Shea OAM